The Difference Between a Camper Trailer, Caravan or Camper Van For Your Amazing Street Trip!

Dreaming about an incredible highway trip? Why don’t striving using an RV auto (“Recreational Automobile)? And what precisely is the difference between Caravans and Campervans? I only mentioned the 2 most common groups but there are solutions for everyone’s requirements and budgets! 

Before choosing one over the other, you will need to do a little of planning and study, of course, to make certain everything is to go, but without a doubt, I tried this program (in my own case a Campervan) in fact it is so worthwhile that I didn’t need to get off it!

To come quickly to a decision, You’ll need to ask yourself a few pre-determined questions first:

What does my funds look like?

What’s the optimum time of the entire year to go?

What's my travel style?

Do I wish to rent or purchasing one?

However, among the major questions you have to be thinking about is whether you can be going for a camper trailer, caravan, motorhome or camper van on your own road trip … being aware of what the difference around them is certainly and the professionals & Cons of every one!

Your mode of transportation is the main decision you’ll get. You have the choice to get a second-hand transfer or rent one immediately simply for the days you will need it in order that you won’t possess issues on where you can park it, repairs therefore much more.


After scanning this article you should have a better understanding of the main variations between a camper trailer, caravan, Campervan, and motorhomes therefore after you have produced up your mind, check out the best website to rent one!

I extremely recommend this website as it provides rentals of diverse RV’s worldwide and the prices are very competitive, the 24-hour assistance is also a must for safe travels and the evaluations are very positive.



We’ll start with the easiest one: the camper trailer. You would choose a camper trailer if you’re looking at a tighter budget for your road trip.

A camper trailer is a separate unit that you’ll attach to your car and depending on the model you choose, it can have different features, but all in all, it will grant you a bed to sleep, storage, an outside kitchen (sometimes inside on most expensive ones), and everything you need to move around. Perfect for camping & adventure and for people with a cheaper spending budget that don’t mind being a little flexible and creative 🙂

Do you want to see an example of what a camper trailer looks like? look at this interesting video recording! Disclaimer: this is a fairly high-end camper trailer with an increase of amenities compared to the basic ones.


A camper trailer could be considerably cheaper when compared to a caravan or a camper van. As well, camper trailers are usually a whole lot smaller and better to transport compared to the other two alternatives. This eliminates any problems that your fuel consumption will decrease, as a result of the extra excess fat of the trailer.

Perhaps among the finest elements of having a camper trailer may be the capability to be surrounded simply by the open air. Camper trailers routinely have canvas roofing and sides, so more of oxygen from the outside comes into play.


A number of the cons are obviously the lesser space inside, in comparison to a Caravan/Campervan. Yet somehow once again, if this doesn’t frustrate you, and you possess a good budget it could possibly be the perfect choice for you!

Also, you need to be careful while driving, turning around together with your car etc, to avoid any harm to the camper trailer.


Now, if you’re buying a little bit greater than a camper trailer, you should consider obtaining a caravan for the next road trip.

Caravans are actually towed along in back of your car, in order to just hook them up and head out. Caravans also offer you more luxury when compared to a camper trailer. Usually, they will come with separate areas for a bedroom, bathroom…maybe even a little cooker or kitchen device.

Nevertheless, caravans will be a little more about the expensive side compared with the camper trailers.

Plus, it may require a larger vehicle to be able to tow the extra weight. That possibly means larger gas costs and much less road performance. Take your price range into account before you go for the caravan choice.


The next step up from a caravan is to go for a camper van, or an RV as it’s otherwise known.

This is going to give you the most luxury and security on your own road trip. You’ll manage to only hop from leading seat back to the kitchen/dining spot and head on back again to the separate room and bathroom.

However, as should be expected, this is normally likely to be the priciest option out of your three, regarding up-front costs and fuel consumption.

Camper trailers and caravans are usually a tad easier on your own budget. But when you have the cover it, investing in a campervan and reselling it after your trip, is actually a perfect decision for you.

Whether you pick a camper trailer, caravan, or campervan for the next street trip, you will certainly have an unbelievable time. The universe has so much so that you can discover and you may not be disappointed!


So, given that you have a good idea of what’s the difference between your Camper trailers/Caravans (they are distinct from the automobile) and the Campers/Motorhomes (they are basically 1 unit), let’s find the main benefits and cons of the solutions.

I found a wonderfully instructive training video where they are explained in detailed, assisting you in your decision building with regards to rend or purchase your “house on the highway” 😉

This is a simple video for the entry level of campers and caravans but I found it extremely useful so I’ll hare it with you in here!

As you could gather from this video, the choice of renting/buying a Caravan or a Camper Van goes down to how you are going to use it, your budget and your style of travel. They are all great solution to have your own “home” with you while traveling so … check them out and try the experience at least once in your life!

How to choose a camper trailer

a camper trailerSo you’ve considered the caravan vs camper trailer and decided to purchase a camper trailer. It’s a large decision - but there will be other things you still need to take into account. Here’s our info to the primary element items you should think about when you’re deciding on a camper trailer.

Camper trailer tyres

There are three key types of camper trailer:

  • Swing-out, soft floor - a trailer with a foldout tent, usually in several sections with the likelihood of a manually erected annex. The trailer materials storage space while cellular and converts to a blend of safe-keeping, bench and appliance space once you’ve setup camp. Soft flooring typically supply the most floor space.
  • Swing-out, hard floor - as preceding, except the trailer includes a foldout floor section that forms area of the liveable space. The trailer space is normally specific in a double bed, as the fold-out section functions extremely well for either bedding or liveable space, based on the trailer’s configuration.
  • Windup - underneath 50 percent resembles a normal caravan layout with a difficult roof. Tent-like wall space will be formed when the roof can be completed up either manually or with powered actuation. Some present slide-out beds at either end. Windups will become close in kind and function to a normal caravan but their tent-like wall space present somewhat even more intimacy with the outside. However, they may be heavier or even more expensive than typical swing-out camper trailers.

Convenience set-up and take-down

Swing-aside campers (both gentle and hard floor) might require a lttle bit more setting up/acquiring down compared to the typical windup.

While more recent swing-outs are pretty efficient and may have mere mins to fold out, you however still have to peg and tie everything straight down then draw everything up once you camp, specifically with a soft surface camper.

Off-road capability

For most owners, section of the attraction of camper trailers reaches areas that caravans can’t reach. This can indicate deciding on a camper with off-highway and semi-off-road capacities.

Off-highway campers happen to be always likely to be more high-priced, heavier and bulkier than on-highway models. They characteristic heavier duty engineering and running equipment incorporating suspension, brakes, tires/tyres and couplings, to mention a few.

Towing capacity

Don’t be fooled by simply the trailer’s slight form-point. While they’re generally lighter than caravans, camper trailers can comprise a whole lot of mass because of their size. Be sure to understand the towing potential of your automobile before you get.


a camper trailerLike towing capacity, don’t underestimate campers in terms of cost. Furthermore to off-road capacity, alternatives such a foldout stainless kitchen, lightweight toilet and shower, 240-volt and solar powered energy, tent engineering and materials, natural stone guards and annexes, to mention a few, can force a camper’s selling price well in to the thousands - which is normally caravan territory.